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& Sport. Sorted.

IntaSchool securely connects with your school's data and credentials, empowering staff, tutors, coaches, students & parents to collaborate on activity selection, calendars, messaging, attendance, incidents, timesheets, transport and more.

Connected to the systems you already use.

We believe data should be free to get into the hands of exactly who you’ve authorised to see it – and then back into your school’s system of record. We leverage private, public and custom APIs with leading SIS and LMS platforms and will work with you to configure the connections you need.

Schools love using IntaSchool

Supporting over 500 schools, making life easier for administrators, coaches, staff, tutors, students, parents and community.

Sports & co-curricular management can be an admin nightmare.
IntaSchool lets you reclaim your day and focus on the big things.

Coach Scheduling
Match Reports & 321s

Secure. Compliant. Designed for Independent Schools.

Enterprise Hosting
Fully redundant enterprise cloud infrastructure hosted in AWS regional availability zones.
Data Compliance
Data retention compliance with ASA Records Retention & Disposal Schedule.
Compliance with GDPR and the Australian Privacy Principles.
Secure Access
User access managed through schools’ own identity management and SSO.

Training, Games, Ensembles, Performances, Private Classes, Excursions, Incursions…

IntaSchool’s highly flexible framework enables each activity to be configured right down to custom event types and terminology.
Senior Ensemble
Enable Private Class Module
Enable Class Chat
Enable Instrument Hire Register
Restrict Nominations to prior year participants
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