Brisbane Boys' College

“I am very pleased with our decision to partner with IntaSchool.”

Mark Pavone
Head of Co-curriculum
Brisbane Boys' College
Brisbane Boys' College
Tech Stack
TASS, Schoolbox, Digistorm App
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

A commitment to Co-curriculum

Founded in 1902, Brisbane Boys’ College (BBC) is a Presbyterian and Methodist day and boarding K-12 boys’ school of 1500+ students located in Toowong, Queensland. BBC is a founding member of the Great Public Schools’ Association (GPS), with an extensive and passionate roster of sports and activities.

Mark Pavone was recently promoted to head of co-curriculum when he undertook an extensive assessment of technology options.

“I spent a huge amount of time assessing potential technology solutions for us to manage our co-curriculum program,” says Mark.  “I am very pleased with our decision to partner with Intaschool.”

Of particular importance for BBC was a platform with integration capabilities and flexibility to connect with existing school technology and workflows. The IntaSchool consulting team worked with the school’s IT department to deploy:

- Azure AD single-sign-on (SSO)

- TASS SIS platform integration

- Schoolbox content feeds for nominations, activities, teamlists, fixtures and results

- Modal content feeds for the school’s existing Digistorm App

Mark continues, “...(we have) the flexibility to define how we want each co-curricular activity to be managed, and (the platform) is constantly evolving to suit our needs from nominations, attendance, injury management, messaging and reporting.”

“The Intaschool team has a strong vision and commitment to constant improvement."

Mark concludes that he would ”confidently recommend Intaschool as a single secure platform to unite admins, staff, coaches, students and parents in co-curriculum administration.”